Signing ASiC documents

You can easily upload and sign ASiC documents with a qualified electronic signature using Elpako.

What are ASiC documents?

ASiC is an electronic container that can hold electronic documents signed with an electronic signature. Once the document is signed, the Elpako user can download the signed document. Documents signed on Elpako (e.g. a contract or request) get an extension, such as “asice”, “asics”, or “zip”. These are electronic document packages that store signed documents and data related to the document and electronic signature.
An ASiC container is very convenient because it can hold documents of various formats, such as .docx, .xlsx, .pptx, or .pdf.

The ASiC format is widely used within the EU and complies with articles 27 and 37 of the eIDAS regulation. Documents created on Elpako fully comply with these requirements.
Signing ASiC documents is a fast, convenient, and effective solution. Elpako users can view ASiC documents and electronic signature data and verify them in real time.

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