Electronic signature

On Elpako, you can sign electronic documents with a qualified electronic signature that ensures reliable personal identification, connects the person signing the document to the document’s data, and makes the contents and data of the document irreplaceable.

An electronic signature opens the door to the digital world. Many natural and legal persons already recognize an electronic signature as an integral part of personal and professional life. Electronic documents that can be signed with a few clicks create a new user experience and allow you to take advantage of everything the digital space has to offer. Not to mention, electronic signatures actively contribute to the conservation of natural resources by eliminating the need for paper documents and saving up the time you would spend traveling to exchange documents.

An electronic signature is a legally valid way for natural or legal persons to sign documents or identify themselves online. Documents signed with an electronic signature have the same legal force as paper documents signed traditionally (by hand).

This tool is widely used for signing various electronic documents (letters, contracts, etc.), by connecting to electronic government gateways or electronic service systems of banks or other institutions.

The legal framework for all electronic signatures, electronic seals, and time stamps is laid down in the European Parliament’s and Council’s regulation on online identification and trust services for online operations in the internal market – Regulation (EU) No. 910/2014 (hereinafter – the eIDAS regulation).

A qualified electronic signature ensures maximum security.

A qualified electronic signature certificate can only be issued by trust service providers on the EU’s official list. The legal force of a document signed with a qualified electronic signature is equivalent to one signed by hand. Regulation of this signature is the same throughout the whole EU, while each EU country individually ensures and monitors compliance with the requirements on a national level.

You can get a qualified electronic signature certificate from a certification service provider that issues qualified certificates or from its registration office.

On Elpako, electronic documents can be signed using various qualified and advanced electronic signature certificates: a smartphone, smart cards, and others. All information on how to use an electronic signature is provided in the contract with the electronic signature provider and all required steps for signing are indicated on the Elpako website.

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