About Elpako

Elpako is focused on providing the best user experience and is perfect for both personal and business use.

About Elpako

How did Elpako came to be?

In 2017, once we understood the situation in the market, we decided to direct our accumulated experience and knowledge toward the development of an independent solution for signing electronic documents with a qualified electronic signature, as well as reliably verifying identity online. The growing interest in electronic signatures and the need for customers to receive qualified trust services led our team to develop the cloud-based service called Elpako.

Our mission: to provide a flexible and user-friendly electronic document signing experience.

Our vision: to enable citizens of the European Union to sign electronic documents of any specification using any type of qualified electronic signature certificate and ensure the long-term protection of their documents.

Elpako offers customers a full range of services: creating electronic documents of various specifications, signing them by qualified electronic signature, marking them with a qualified time stamp, and confirming them with an electronic seal.

The service is available for both personal and business use and we also offer an API solution. Elpako’s electronic signature service is currently used by more than 100 companies that sign > 300 000 electronic documents each month and mark them with time stamps.

This electronic signature service was created by UAB “Nevda”. For more than 28 years, the company has been developing, implementing, and maintaining specialized software for public organizations and private businesses. Our accumulated experience and use of advanced technologies allow us to offer our clients efficient solutions that meet their needs perfectly.

A modern digital experience: sign electronic documents quickly and securely

Upload documents you wish to sign

Upload the documents you’d like to sign

Select the e-documents you’d like to sign by uploading them to Elpako. We currently accept PDF and ASiC formats but continue to add new formats in response to our customers’ wishes. If you’d like to sign a document in a format other than PDF or ASiC, please contact us!

Sign the documents by electronic signature

Sign the documents by electronic signature

Easily sign your documents with a qualified electronic signature. We accept various forms of qualified electronic signature certificates. You can also invite another person to sign the document – multi-party signing allows all parties to easily and quickly sign and download the document.

Upload the documents you’d like to sign

Download your securely signed documents

Once you sign the document, you can download it and save it on your device. As soon as the document is downloaded, it’s automatically deleted from Elpako servers.

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